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Bukhara pilaf (Osh Sophie) is considered to be dietary and easy, thanks to a certain cooking method. Animal fats, oils are replaced by vegetable-based oils, for example, sesame or cotton. Added special spices and spices not only improve the palatability of the dish, but also contribute to a better breakdown of fats and good digestibility of food.
It is believed that the name was given to pilaf by the great healer Avicenna.
The original name is “osh fallen,” each letter of this name determines the composition of the products: P - piez in translation onion, A - ayoz - carrot, L - lahm - meat, O - olio - fat, B - vet - salt, O - about - water, Ш - shaly - rice. Each product has healing and nutritional properties. Bukhara pilaf is slightly different from other varieties of this oriental rice dish. Pilaf in Bukhara is not mixed like Tashkent or Andijan. Adding saffron infusion at the end of cooking makes pilaf truly Bukhara “Osh-i-sophie”. A bright combination of zira and saffron, with a touch of carrots and raisins create an unusual aromatic taste. Possessing the healing properties of saffron, it is useful for male and female health, for the brain and vision, it is a general strengthening agent. In cooking, it is used to improve the taste of the dish, gives them an unusually delicate aroma.


Restaurant, Teahouse


Uzbek, Homestyle, Oriental

Ideal place:

Business lunch, Business meetings, Dinners, Family rest, Meeting with friends, Visitors of the city



Work time:

from 11:00 till 15:00


  • Сash
  • UzCard


  • City: Bukhara
  • Country: Uzbekistan


  • Telephone: +998 93 960 2555

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